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How to keep your fish on a healthy diet?
100% Natural Live Fish Food.


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One of the largest food sources in the ocean.
Give your aquarium a replenishing food source
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Pods are a mixture of saltwater amphipods and copepods which are tiny crustaceans with tear-drop  bodies. Others refer to them as Pods, Amphipods, Copepods or Marine Zooplankton. They’re one of the largest sources of protein in the ocean feeding up to the largest Bowhead whale to the smallest Ornamental shrimp, Porcelain crabs and many more. Having the pods as a part of your aquarium will produce an aggressive eating habit to keep your fish on a healthy diet, since the live saltwater pods swim with short sharp movements. Pods reproduce rather quickly, giving you a replenishing amount of nutritious fatty acids. Let’s not forget Amphipods and Copepods are used as bio indicators that monitor the health of an ecosystem. Growing up to 1.5mm and living up to a life span of 10 weeks, they provide a fantastic source of food verses the stale fish flakes. With the pods containing large amounts of healthy fatty acids, you will be allowing your fish to grow to its full size and color potential.

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